Pastor Pierre Bennett: It’s Not Always Easy, but It’s Always Worth It

Pastor Pierre Bennett | April, 20, 2012 | by

Pastor Pierre Bennett resides in Virginia, where he leads two weekly worship services for God’s Luv International Ministries Church, which he founded. A former military serviceman, Pastor Pierre Bennett also owns a travel club business.

Pastor Pierre Bennett believes that anyone and everyone can have an intimate relationship with God. But it’s important to understand that an intimate relationship means listening as well as talking, according to Pastor Pierre Bennett. And listening means hearing what God has to say, even if the message is one you don’t like, reminds Pastor Pierre Bennett.

Pastor Pierre Bennett often tells his congregation at God’s Luv International Ministries Church about the importance of becoming a soldier for God. That means you not only hear God’s message, but you become a soldier for him. As Pastor Pierre Bennett points out, becoming one of God’s soldiers means feeling power, peace, and love. He says that you’ll also receive blessings so tremendous, you may not even understand them!

Following God isn’t always easy, Pastor Pierre Bennett acknowledges. The spirit of God will be pitted against the evil inside you, agrees Pastor Pierre Bennett. But as you progress to a higher place, Pastor Pierre Bennett says you’ll feel more of yourself melting away and your imperfections becoming less obvious.

The key, Pastor Pierre Bennett believes, is to talk to God. The more you seek him out, the more He will reply and the more He replies, the more He’ll reveal about what you need to become to serve your higher purpose. Make it a challenge! If you have a competitive spirit, seeing how good you can be by consistently seeking God can become a competition with yourself.

There’s nothing wrong with telling God you need His help and asking Him to help you through something difficult. It’s important to understand that the more troublesome an obstacle, the bigger the blessing, Pastor Pierre Bennett says, and the longer you follow God, the more the blessings will flow.

Obstacles are only temporary, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out. The key is to embrace the obstacle and wrap your mind around it, heading in the direction God wants you to go. Once you’ve done that, the trouble will pass quickly.

While hard work to overcome obstacles will bring blessings, Pastor Pierre Bennett points out that the greatest blessing of all is knowing the Lord as your personal Savior. After all, how can you be more blessed than to know the Creator personally?

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Press Mentions of Pastor Pierre Bennett

Pastor Pierre Bennett | April, 05, 2012 | by

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Connect with Pastor Pierre Bennett | Social Networking Sites

Pastor Pierre Bennett | March, 15, 2012 | by

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